Collection: TYMER

"TYMER" is a stylish sports sunglasses that goes beyond conventional boundaries and embodies style principles suitable for running and action sports.

The brand was launched in collaboration with creators who share the same cultural scene, mainly in Tokyo. By mashing up sports, art, music and fashion, and using superior gear, we aim to make people more active and lead them to new scenery.

leading to thirdscapes

Flexible and strong frame. Rubber parts for better fit and anti-slip. Traditional 5-barrel hinge for high durability and ease of maintenance. And the lenses are made of CR-39 and ultra-durable polycarbonate, which offer an excellent balance of reliability and optical performance.

In addition, by inserting a wire frame in the nose and temple arm sections, fine adjustments are possible, and despite being a lightweight injection frame, it is designed to fit the different head shapes of each individual.

Experience "TYMER", which offers quality and cost performance through its meticulous attention to detail, starting with the ingredients.