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Souvenir jackets (sukajan) began shortly after the war, when American soldiers embroidered oriental patterns (eagles, tigers, dragons) and the names of their units and bases on their jackets as a memento of their stay in Japan. These were commercialized as souvenirs and began to be sold at PXs (short for Post Exchange, a common name for stores on U.S. military bases). At the time, the company that supplied these souvenir jackets and other clothing to U.S. military bases was Kosho Shokai, the predecessor of Tailor Toyo (Toyo Enterprises), and in the 1950s, when souvenir jacket production was at its peak, it accounted for 95% of the supply share. TAILOR TOYO, which started as Kosho, has been making souvenir jackets for over half a century. This brand, which has continued to pass on the sukajan as a culture rather than a passing fad, is the original sukajan.


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