Performance of VENTURE TRUCKS

I think the main thing to worry about when choosing a skateboard is the suspension. I covered this in detail in my previous article, "How to Choose a Truck (Summary) , " but I would like to take a deeper look at each brand.

Four truck brands with the world's top market share that are mainly handled by Prime


This time VENTURE Let's take a look!

>VENTURE TRUCK performance

It has the best sense of stability among the 4 brands. Skateboarders crouch down to save power during tricks. This is a truck that does not wobble and makes it easy to maintain a strong posture. It's no surprise that there are many riders with solid styles such as PAUL RODRIGUEZ, BRANDON BIEBLE, TOREY PUDWILL, and WADE DESARMO.

Among them, this lightweight model V LIGHT is by far the most popular.

> Stable turning performance

Compared to other brands, it has a slightly different turning performance. Compared to Indy and Thunder, it moves gently.

VENTURE bends with a click

People who like this feeling will find it very strange when they move on to other tracks. However, when squatting down, this slightly stiff movement gives you a sense of stability.

> Tail hit that is easy to apply force

When VENTURE hits the tail,

You can go all out

The tail can be played firmly and strongly, making it easy to create timing. It feels different depending on the person, but that's how I feel. It gives the impression that it is easy to create a style that gives you a lot of power .

This V LIGHT has a hollow kingpin and a lightweight base plate. This truck has excellent stability, allows you to create a sturdy stance, and thanks to its light weight, it is easy to maneuver with less leg power.

VENTURE is a masterpiece used by top skaters around the world.

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