Anders™ 始動

Anders™ Startup

new brand Anders™ finally stands up.

The brand is not driven by designers or high-end brands, but is based on the New Trad/Mods style that was born and raised among young people living in the city. Although it is everyday wear, it can be worn regardless of the occasion. Anders™ is the ideal.

High-quality materials, careful fabric processing, and a timeless silhouette. Everything is released with confidence.

Cotton Poplin L/S Shirts

Model 1: 174cm and wearing XL

A modern remake based on a vintage shirt from the 1960s that I found at a second-hand clothing store in the UK.
6-button French front design. The exquisitely deep side slits allow for easy movement, and the low neckline means it won't feel cramped even when all the buttons are fastened.

Model 2: 148cm and wearing M

The washed cotton poplin has a unique texture that gives the fabric firmness.
Although it has a loose and big silhouette, it gives the impression of a dress shirt.

Model 3: 178cm and wearing XL

While retaining the elements of the vintage shirt it was modeled on, the result is a shirt that can be worn in all situations.

CPO Army Jacket

Model 1: 174cm and wearing XL

CPO stands for "Chief Petty Officer" and is a popular military shirt. Based on that, we changed everything from dimensions to details.

Model 2: 148cm and wearing M

The thick fabric is designed to be worn during fall, early winter, and early spring. It has also been made into a short and big silhouette, so you can wear it comfortably even when layered with an inner layer. Since it has raglan sleeves, even if it is oversized, the silhouette of the shoulders will not be tight.

Model 3: 178cm and wearing XL

In addition to the large main front pocket, side pockets improve its functionality as a jacket. The finish is completely focused on the silhouette. Over-dyed to create a real military look.

major fashion media MASTERED A special feature page has also been released, so please take a look.

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