Performance of THUNDER TRUCKS

I think the main thing to worry about when choosing a skateboard is the suspension. I covered this in detail in my previous article, " How to Choose a Truck (Summary) , " but I would like to take a deeper look at each brand.

Four truck brands with the world's top market share that are mainly handled by Prime


This time, let's take a look at THUNDER !

> THUNDER TRUCK performance

THUNDER TRUCKS is one of the four brands mentioned above.

the lightest

It is known for that.

Also, the vehicle height is low, and even at HI, it is about the same height as the LO of other trucks . This track is loved by skaters who specialize in quick and detailed technical movements.

``THUNDER TRUCKS'' is a long-established and popular brand that boasts a large market share compared to INDEPENDENT.

Among them, the lightweight model HOLLOW LIGHTS is by far the best seller.

>Good turn performance

When a truck has a low vehicle height, its turning performance deteriorates...

However, the Thunder has a structure with an exquisite balance of ``high mobility'' despite its low vehicle height. The low ride height provides a sense of stability and the moderate turning performance that is not too stiff allows you to create a unique setting.

However, due to its low ride height, it is not compatible with large diameter wheels. If a large wheel is attached, the so-called "wheel bite" is likely to occur, where the wheel hits the deck during a turn.

In other words, it may be said that it is not compatible with wheels such as soft wheels that have a large diameter and high grip ( it may be a truck that should be avoided in a cruiser setting ).

> Overwhelmingly light tail hit

THUNDER, which is light in weight, is sometimes described as a ``light-as-air truck that doesn't require strong force to strike the tail.''

Hit with force → hit at the right time

That might be the best expression.

> In search of even greater lightness

``HOLLOW LIGHTS '', which I introduced earlier as ``the most popular'' among THUNDER TRUCKS, has a hollow kingpin and accelerator shaft. Even the standard model of THUNDER is light enough, but this "HOLLOW LIGHTS" is a truck that requires even less power.

However, just because it has been subjected to the so-called "meatless" process mentioned above, it does not mean that there are any problems with its durability. In fact, if the durability decreases due to "removal of meat", it will not be able to support quick and technical movements that take advantage of its lightness.

Therefore, it is finished at an impeccable level of durability.

Even for kids and women, if you want to increase the size of your deck, make it lighter, or just don't want to sacrifice turn performance...I think it's no exaggeration to say that THUNDER TRUCK is the best option for such selfish settings. .

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